Splitboarding - 2 skis to move forward, 1 board to have fun.

Splitboarding and snowboard touring in Chamonix

Are you a snowboarder used to off-piste and already addicted to open spaces? Have you always wondered about what is on the other side? Or just want to try something new? Then I strongly advice that you have to discover the splitboarding and thoroughly explore the concepts of escape and to cut the first tracks! The splitboard practice allows snowboarders to discover areas inaccessible by gravity from Chamonix ski lifts, just like ski touring. It's the crazy charm where you get to make your mark far from others.

I propose you discover the splitboarding in Chamonix during a half-day, but it is better to make these outings for a full day to access the wildest places and enjoy them to the full.

What is splitboarding?

Splitboarding is the name given to the practice of hiking with your snowboard. The board we use - a splitboard - makes it possible to climb snow-covered slopes and peaks for snowboarders. Using the same equipment for ascent and descent, you save weight which is an appreciated practical aspect when touring.

How does it work?

At the climb: the principle is simple, the snowboard splits into two parts and allows the practitioner to move in the same way as when ski touring - with one ski under each foot. To be able to walk upwards in steeper parts it is necessary to put "skins" under the skis - artificial of course! The skins allow you to slide forward but not backwards. In addition, ski poles intended for hiking are used to promote propulsion.

The splitboard bindings are removable. This gives a classic snowboard position when riding down. And a climbing position, where the bindings will face the skis while the heel will remain free to facilitate movement in the hike. These bindings can be used with classic boots, so you are welcome to bring your own.

On the descent: simply assemble the two parts of the splitboard you have just used as skis. You will be able to do this thanks to the appropriate fastening system. The bindings will then face downhill, that is to say a classic snowboard position. The bindings is also what is strengthen the cohesion of the two parts of the board. Skins and poles in the bag and you are free to ride and make your mark!

Safety splitboarding equipment

For obvious safety reasons the groups for splitboarding should not exceed 6 people. Small groups, like families or between friends, can bring a welcome emulation in the learning and make it easier for each one to forget the apprehensions and concentrate on the essential: the beauty of the landscape. I propose day trips or half-day, several days or weeks. Adapted and adaptable programs.

Splitboard Hardware

To indulge in the joys of splitboarding is to taste the beauty of snowboarding! To make the most of a grand environment and unparalleled sensations, we need to put security above all else. It is my role as an instructor. Therefore, I provide all the necessary safety equipment for you: DVA (Detector of Victim in Avalanche), Shovel, Probe. I will lend you all the off-piste safety equipment and teach you how to use it to be able to handle it with confidence.

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