Ski touring

Ski touring - The hike for the eyes, the snow intact for reward.

Ski touring in Chamonix

I suggest you discover skiing differently in Chamonix. By broaden your horizons outside the piste you will find that the pleasure of skiing in an immaculate space erases the effort of the climb. In the search for virgin snow you will reinforce the taste of skiing, and you will find yourself in harmony where nature takes all its meaning.

The ski possibilities does not stop in the ski area, on the contrary! An even bigger area where lifts are prohibited offers a variety of ski touring routes, from the easiest to the most ambitious. For the specialist ski touring I suggest you venture away from overcrowded trails.

Safety and practice of ski touring in Chamonix

For obvious safety reasons the groups for ski touring should not exceed 6 people. Small groups, like families or between friends, can bring a welcome emulation in the learning and make it easier for each one to forget the apprehensions and concentrate on the essential: the beauty of the landscape. I propose day trips or half-day, several days or weeks. Adapted and adaptable programs.

Ski touring equipment

To indulge in the joys of ski touring is to taste the quintessence of skiing! To make the most of a grand environment and unparalleled sensations, we need to put security above all else. It is my role as an instructor. Therefore, I provide all the necessary safety equipment for you: DVA (Detector of Victim in Avalanche), Shovel, Probe. I will lend you all the off-piste safety equipment and teach you how to use it to be able to handle it with confidence.

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